There are 3 songs by African artists that I can guarantee you are well known anywhere among young people in Dubai.

Anywhere you walk into the city, whether a shisha joint, a nighclub, or even at a house party; you’ll hear all types of music, and amongst them always a couple of African songs. What are these songs that Emiratis, Africans, Europeans, Americans all listen to in Dubai?

Here they are, in order of most popular:

1. Skales- Shake Body! Even though I actually like this song, it has started to annoy me due to the amount of times I hear it played in Dubai venues. The amazing thing about this song though is that every time it is played, anywhere and at any time- everybody truly does shake their bodies, myself included! The song released in 2014 by Nigerian artist Skales has quickly grown to become a staple song across Africa and the world through our diaspora. However, a party needs a bit of variety, even in Dubai!

Skale’s new song Temper feat Burna Boy is a banger as well!!

2. P-Square- Personally- Again, Love P-Square! They are pioneers in what today is becoming a new age for Africa’s rebirth in all aspects of society, via music. So props to them, always! But, I’ve heard this song nearly 100 hundred over the past year- So, again! I’d love to hear new songs (hip-hop and other genres too 🙂 but from Africa! 


and…. #3!!! again, another P-Square hit- Shekini.  I absolutely love the song and so do 47 million other people on Youtube! and I’m always the first one to start dancing when it comes on, but hey these new songs by P-Square are also really good! Bank Alert, and Away


Now, don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying that we shouldn’t listen to or play these songs, they’re always in my playlists! but we just need to mix it up a bit, hence why we began 808 Shuffle.

I admire Dubai DJs, music lovers and party goers that have helped propel African artists to many the entertainment scene, but we are not truly plugged in. I can go on and on about the Dubai nightlife and some recommendations, but let’s save that for another article? 🙂

As I was saying, it’s great to hear African songs when I’m out with my friends in Dubai, but I want to hear new, fresh, and hot ones too!- and not just from African DJs such as DJ Tribe who has contributed to the growth of African music in Dubai.  

So, Dubai: next time Wizkid drops a song featuring artists like Vybz Kartel! Please play it in in your sets! #808shuffletips 

Peace and Blessings Habibis! 🙂



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