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To launch this platform, I’ve decided to do an album review of Accra to Lagos by quickly rising sensation-Mr. Eazi.  When fans hear the words “Zaga Dat! It’s your boy Eazi!,” they know the kind of sounds to expect- African, original, funny, and creative.

This artist embodies what we’re about- staying true to yourself. Within a year of his first single Bankulize, Mr. Eazi has quickly grown to one of the top 5  African artists this year.

After a few hits such as Dance for Me, Skin Tight, and Hollup; the first volume of Eazi’s mixtape “Life is Eazi, Vol.1: Accra to Lagos” was released on February 10, 2017 giving fans of the artist a view into what his unique sound called ‘Banku’ music is.  This mixtape to me is the right step towards what African music can be in such a transformational period.

See below for my commentary and review of the mixtape:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.45.55 AM.png

What I love about Mr Eazi is his authenticity, even through different music genres and his increased popularity, he always remains African. The use of popular phrases and proverbs found in Nigeria and Ghana, mixed with rhythm and melodies from both countries, and elements of hip-hop, reggae and R & B makes his sound infectious. The mixtape truly takes you on a musical trip from Accra to Lagos to London, NY, and even Dubai.

  • Track 1- Leg Over: One of the first singles from the mixtape produced by E. Kelly and dropped in late 2016, this song quickly gained popularity through it’s popular Nigerian Pidgin reference “leg over.” The video, directed by Teekay has nearly reached 800,000 views within a week of its release. The song begins with a melodious beat and rhythm and the lyrics ” my baby dey confuse me with her bum bum.” and goes on to talk about a love interest playing him by dating other men even though he is mesmerised by her- she dey do him leg over. This track is easily one of the fans favorites. Perfect for parties, clubs, or chill vibes. 
  • Track 2-Business (feat Mugeez): Mr Eazi has a talent for telling stories that real people, real Africans live every day. In this song featuring Mugeez of hiplife, hip-hop group R2Bees; Mr Eazi smoothly uses his Ghana influences to tell the world- it be nobody business. The song is another along Mr Eazi’s theme of relationships, heartbreak and love. 
  • Track 3- Tilapia (feat Medikal):  Mr Eazi sure does love his food references!  Banku, Shitor.. what’s next? Plantains and jollof rice? Lol  Eazi serenades his lady by singing “Tonight, i be hungry man, Baby gimme food make a chop (Eat)oh” double entendre here?!  This is a good song to listen to while having a drive or netflix and chilling with your boo. On a serious note Mr Eazi, I for one would absolutely love a song about plantains and jollof rice. 
  • Track 7-Accra to Lagos: One of my personal favorite tracks on the mixtape. This song meticulously mixes high life with Afrobeats. Mr Eazi talks about his music career, his struggles and where he has arrived through faith and hard work.
  • Track 8-Detty Yaself (feat Falz): Another banger from the mixtape, this track takes us away from Eazi’s staple mid-tempo beat to a faster tempo featuring another top artist, Falz. The beat gets you moving and is quite catchy with a chorus/tagline of ‘detty yaself.’ Falz is the perfect rapper for this beat as he talks about the current situation in Nigeria among youth who are mostly focused on drugs, alcohol and partying.  Not entirely sure that the morality lesson came across as I am sure the youth will still be partying to this song too.
  • Track 9- In the morning (feat Big Lean):  In this song, Mr Eazi attempts to channel an R & B artist. Although the flow of the song and the production is good, this particular song doesn’t reflect the singer’s strength. Still a good one to bang while chilling with your boo though in the morning with breakfast in bed. 🙂
  • Track 10- Short Skirt (feat Tekno): I was a bit disappointed with this song as I expected magic when Mr Eazi and Tekno get together. The song isn’t as memorable as some of the other tracks. It has potential however due to the sheer fact of combining two loved African artists.
  • Track 11- Life is Eazi (feat Olamide & Phyno): This track in my opinion truly captures the essence of the mixtape and Mr Eazi’s brand.  With traditional Igbo and Yoruba rhythms and the top two rappers in Nigeria, Mr Eazi takes you across Nigerian culture while praising God. Great song to listen to with family ! Weddings will love this one.
  • Bonus Tracks: To not disappoint his fans, Mr Eazi added three additional bonus tracks: My baby, Right Now, and Kpamurege. My favorite is Right Now as we get to see another side of the artist that he doesn’t always represent. The first line kills me every time! ” Why you dey lie, I no say he no be your uncle”

Overall, I think this mixtape was a brilliant debut for Mr Eazi. You can hear the work, dedication and passion he poured into this. Albeit, it isn’t perfect, it sure is an amazing beginning.  I look forward to following this artist through his musical journey.

Leave your comments below! Which song off the mixtape do you like the best?


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