I can bet that all of my readers own something that is of an African influence: whether through music choices, fashion, jewelry, tattoos and art- African traditions are being used every day, in popular culture and in our lives as millennials. 

Beyoncé, for one has been able to beautifully incorporate African influence in her art, especially in her Lemonade visual album. The use of African prints, poetry, jewelry, hair, and art in Lemonade was absolutely impressive.  By incorporating certain African art in her music, Beyoncé also provided a platform for these upcoming, African artists to be showcased. The body art used throughout the album was created by Nigerian-American artists Laolu Sebanjo, bringing The Sacred Art of the Ori to a global stage.

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Roc Nation signed artist Young Paris has completely incorporated his African roots in his brand (he is definetely a New. African. Kid).  First off, his music is so dope and if you haven’t listened to him before, here you go: 

What makes Young Paris unique is his visibly African style- in his fashion sense of sapologie, and in the African beats infused in his music. You guys should definitely check him out! 

Talking about art, it’s  Art Week in Dubai!! I absolutely love this week because Dubai is infused with art and culture for pretty much the whole month. People often criticize Dubai for not having enough “culture,” but efforts like Art week throughout the city are amazing. This year, African art is featured in these shows: 

Beautiful pieces to check out… 
So with that, I hope you can also look into the African influences in your lives and appreciate the beautiful and bright cultures within. 
Peace & Blessings.

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