I’m gonna be honest, I’m a huge Drake fan like, complete #OVOteam #drizzy #champagnepapi… all that, ever since he was Jimmy in Degrassi.So, of course I fanned out a bit when “More Life” was dropped two weeks ago. ¬†ūüôā But I digress…


Funny enough, one of my favorite things about More Life¬†is the global play throughout the playlist. I’ve always noted that Drake has a global mindset and has gradually¬†incorporated that in his music. ‘One Dance‘ is a perfect example of that. The mix of ¬†Drake, one of the biggest African artists, Wizkid and the UK¬†singer whose 2009 song ‘Do You Mind” the song was a hit, Kyla. This cross-over ensured success of the song across the African and British¬†communities. One Dance was the #1 song worldwide and biggest song of¬†#Summer16.¬†We sure heard it everywhere in Dubai.

Fast-forward a year and we have More Life where Drake explores his global citizenship a bit more. 4 songs out of 22 being pretty much UK grime and featuring artists like Skepta and Giggs, a couple of tracks are pure house & afrohouse songs, and of course we hear the Drake styled dancehall- the playlist caters to many different audiences.

Critics often point out that Drake goes too far with trying to be something he’s not, some say his variety is cultural appropriation, but I think it’s a brilliant business strategy. See, in an increasingly interconnected/ interwoven world, musical genres are also crossing over¬†which, I honestly find beautiful.

Drake now has an increased fanbase across South African communities and lovers of Afrohouse thanks to the sample of Black Coffee’s ‘Superman’ on Track 5, ‘Get it Together.’ I also loved Madiba Riddim, which references African giant¬†Nelson Mandela (R.I.P) who was referred to as Madiba.

Passionfruit and Blem are the quintessential Drake Caribbean style that people either love or hate, but it works and it works well. Then on the rest of the playlist, we get some of the Drake that girls swoon over as he makes our inner 90s babies cry out to Teenage Fever.  We also get a bit of that ATL trap on Sacrifices, Portland, and Gyalchester. Then of course he shouts out #Dubai a couple of times with the lines:

“I want to move out to Dubai so I don’t ever have to kick it with none of you guys” on one of my fave tracks¬†Free Smoke.. and ¬†on Portland where he says:¬†Dis a habibis ting, yeah?‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúSacrifices: I got Dubai plates in the California state.”

Yalla Drake Habibi- come to Dubai, Khalas! ūüôā

The playlist takes you around the world and across different genres and vibes. To a self proclaimed third culture kid, New African Kid living in Dubai that¬†sometimes says¬†things like “I’m so knackered tonight habibti, but we will smoke shisha tomorrow” #freesmoke. ūüôā More Life is¬†truly an international album… oops. ¬†playlist.

Until the summary in 2018 Drake habibi! 

Peace & Blessings,


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