There are so many amazing artists from Africa that are doing a great job of putting Africa on a global map. It’s hard to choose a few but we will attempt to do so based on trends, innovation, unique traits and our observations. We will probably create a part II of our favorites before the end of 2017.

So, who are our favorites ? Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

                           YCee- Nigeria

Ycee has been climbing up the African music scene since his hit song in 2015 “Jagaban,” the artist has brought a fresh infusion of hip-hop, R&B, and afrobeats to the scene. 

In July, YCee released a follow up single “Jagaban” which propelled him to rapid popularity. A remix featuring Nigerian rapper Olamide followed and further solidified YCee’s position as a leader amidst Nigeria’s new school artists. A third single “OMO ALHAJI” was recently released in December 2015. His newest project sees the growth and diversity of Ycee as he releases his first E.P “The First Wave.” His single from the E.P ‘Juice’ (video above) is a sure hit with its R&B influences mixed with african pop vibes. 

We really like Ycee and think that his music and style is truly a representation of New. African. Kids and the fusion of cultures we now live in. 

Dotman- Nigeria 

Dotman is a quickly rising sensation amongst West African artists. His musical style is a mix of indigenous rap,  hip-hop, and afro-pop creating a unique and infectious sound. Although Dotman struggled in order to have his unique sound accepted during the first few years of his career, his work seems to be paying off.  His single ‘Akube’ released in 2016 was a massive success as the song went viral and earned Dotman a spot as of the fast rising artists to watch. 

His newest song  My Woman has been on the top 10 most played and has made rounds amongst fans on social media. We can’t wait to see what is next for Dotman. 

MHD- France/Guinea-Senegal 

MHD- Mohamed Sylla is currently one the biggest artist in the francophone world and beyond and the creator of Afro Trap, an infusion of African music and trap. The young French artist of Guinean and Senegalese background began making home-made music videos in 2015 as he was working a delivery man. 

Afro Trap is a series of 8 songs thus far and perhaps ongoing that infuses trap flowing lyrics in French over an African infused instrumental and fun dance moves. The artist has unknowingly led a new style of music for French-African artists that were looking for ways to differentiate themselves from American rappers and Nigerian afro pop stars. Afro Trap 1-8 has gone viral gaining the artist over 330 million views on Youtube. 

His first album ‘MHD’  released in 15 April 2016 quickly rose to the top 3 of the French charts. 

Mr Eazi-Nigeria/Ghana

We love Mr Eazi and that can be seen by our review of his first mixtape “Accra to Lagos: Vol. 1.”  Mr Eazi’s music has really gone global as is seen on his international tour ‘Life is Eazi World Tour.’ Mr Eazi’s sound is unique, his lyrics are relatable and the musical combination of Ghanaian Highlife, Nigerian Afrobeat, Afropop and hip-hop has propelled him to quickly become one of the top artists out of Africa. 

 Maleek Berry, UK/Nigeria

British-Ghanain producer and singer Maleek Berry is definitely amongst the New African Kids.  Maleek Berry was born in South London to Nigerian parents as Maleek Shoyebi, he is now one of the most prominent producers, songwriters, and singers in the new Afropop, Afrobeats movement.

The producer is signed as the in-house producer to Wizkid’s Starboy Entertainment and has collaborated with some of Africa’s top artists. It was last year finally that Maleek Berry broke out as a singer with his hit song ‘Kontrol.’ This has garnered him 10 million streams on Spotify and over 20 million Youtube views. He was even called the Afropop Renaissance Man by The Fader

 Falz, Nigeria

Falz the BAHD Guy…. We love his music style, humor and creativity. The artist is an innovator whose comedic lyrics, catchy phrases, and great production create popular songs. He is amongst one of the top Nigerian artists currently. Oh.. and he’s also a lawyer!

What I really like about Falz is his authenticity, he has been able to stay true to Nigeria while mixing it well with the new sounds of Hip-Hop, Trap, and Afropop.


Alikiba’s sound is pretty much zouk/ kizomba in Swahili. I like him because his music reminds me of the Angolan/ Mozambiqan/ French Carribean sounds with beautiful Swahili lyrics. East Africans sure do love him. 

Nasty C, South Africa

Nasty C is only 20 years old but he has caused waves in the music industry and is currently one of the leading artists in South Africa.  He was the youngest recipient to win the Best Freshman Award in 2015 and has collaborated with the likes of French Montana, Future, and Davido. 

His lyrics are way beyond his age and his rap flow is as good and even better than any young rapper from the States. Nasty C has also collaborated with Nigerian artists making efforts to bridge the gap between African regions. 

I am excited to see what the future holds for him.

There you have it.. watch out for part 2 soon!

Peace & Blessings,



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