Contemporary African Art finally has a new home in Dubai and we are beyond excited! We attended a lovely soft opening of Create Hub Gallery’s quaint and vibrant new space in Al Quoz last week and were blown away.

CREATE-2.jpgCreate Hub gallery is amongst the pioneers in contemporary and African art in Dubai. The gallery is opening a new portal into a world of color, soul, emotion, and African culture. Lidija Khachatourian, the Founder of Create Hub Gallery has a deep love for Africa and it translates eloquently through the unique collections of art pieces throughout the gallery.

Create Hub Gallery

The artwork around the gallery took us on an experiential journey through each piece, each artist, and each story making them come alive in emotive ways. What we appreciated most about Create Hub’s concept is the personal relationship the Founder cultivates with each artist having visited them in their own homes and understand the inspirations behind their art. The Founder’s love for people is seen through the warm hospitality and availability to all 100+ guests attending the soft opening of the gallery.

Out of Africa Event June 7, 2017The various artists portrayed come from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, NYC, and even Brazil showcasing dynamic works of art ranging from pop-art, mixed media, ink and pen, abstract, and realistic works.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.29.43 PM

If you’re looking for unique and vibrant art pieces for your art collection, then you must absolutely visit Create Hub Gallery and discover all it has to offer and follow them on social media.

We are definitely looking forward to their future exhibitions and events!


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