What is 808 Shuffle?

Welcome to 808 Shuffle! Based in Dubai, we are music lovers, Africans and artists that aim to become a channel for African music to be discovered. This is your portal to the African music scene!

The 808 is the electronic drum beat that is revered within the music industry, popularized by hip-hop. The 808 was developed in Japan in a machine called the Roland TR-808 drum machine as a user friendly way to produce an electronic drum beat. The 808 quickly grew into one the basic elements of hip-hop after Afrika Bambaataa used it on his track “Planet Rock.” The term was popularized to the public through Kanye West’s “808’s & Heartbreak.”

African music has grown rapidly over the last decade across the continent and the world through our diaspora. The Nigerian music industry alone produces over 550 albums of different kinds of music annually, record sales have more than tripled in the past five years and industry stakeholders have projected that the country’s entertainment industry would hit one billion dollars by 2016. As the world  is shifting, the millennials are becoming adults, we must shape our own stories.

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808 Shuffle: The beat of music.